Hey Tony, I just wanted to say say thanks for the videos you upload here on YouTube. You have a great way of explaining things, i.e. you don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. Keep up the great work, I've already learned a lot from your videos.

B BAAN - YOUTUBEJust wanted to say thanks!  I anticipated giant headaches in figuring out where the rogue DHCP server was, and with your video's help, I fixed the problem in under 5 minutes.

Brett L - Youtube Channel

I truly appreciate your blog post,. Really looking forward to read more. I actually glad to read your blog and want to thank you for posting such fine content.

Terry T From LOVEMYTOOL blog

The Boys and I want to pass on to you our gratitude for an awesome course.  Above and beyond want we anticipated.


G Pecht

All I have to say is, "where was this guy when we needed him".  Everything he warned us about, we did.  Every symptom and problem we covered, we've been through.  And many design flaws he highlighted, we have.

Best part is that he showed us how to find the problems, fix them and how to make sure IT WAS REALLY FIXED!!

Thanks a ton Tony.  You will definitely he hearing from us in the future for more training.


H Burnett

Tony taught a wireshark class that I attended back in 2008.  It was definitely one of the best classes that I took. 

You wouldn't believe how many issues I've solved with the knowledge from that course.


R Bowen

Tony is awesome. If you have multiple techs at your site who are interested, he will come along and do a training class on your site, using your network as the example. He doesn't bring prepared packet captures along. His teaching is very fluid and very interactive.

And as an added bonus he's hella of a funny guy.



The Packet Analysis course lead by Tony Fortunato of The Technology Firm was very worthwhile and provided a lot of insight into how to see what is happening on our networks. The delivery of the course was very hands-on and informal in that the instructor rarely ever referred to his notes, instead, walking us through various scenarios and prepared case-studies that allowed us to develop insight into what might be happening in these cases. He challenged us to first learn to interpret with thought processes rather than diving directly into the data and trying to analyze what we were seeing. Once we had thought it thru, it became ever more evident what we needed to look for and allowed us to arrive at conclusions about these case studies.

We were provided with complete copies of the instructors notes and case studies so we could use these as reference materials.

I have been using the training gained since I got back to improve network operations and reduce un-necessary traffic on my LANs, identifying un-necessary broadcasts and legacy IPX traffic that do not need to be there.

I can highly recommend the course and the trainer for further use by our IT staff and have no hesitation about encouraging others to attend this training.



You really saved me on this one. Between this analyzer and you teaching me how to chart with Excel years ago, the Server Farm Citrix team now can see their issue.


J James, Altanta 

Hi Tony,

Just to let you know, I walked away from your class with a much better handle on protocol analyzing. This was probably one of the best instructor led classes I have taken in quite a long time.


E Cheng, Long Island  


I would have to say it was one of the best and most informative courses I have had.

Tony was an excellent instructor.

We will be looking at booking some of his time to have him come onsite in the future.


S Staley  

Regrettably, I had to rush out after class and never got the chance to thank you for presenting such an informative corse. I not only came away with a better knowledge of the Optiview but also of networks and troubleshooting.  You kept the class exciting and entertaining as well as educational. Its obvious you know your stuff. So again thank you and I look forward to your next visit.


W Bury  


It was the most interesting and entertaining courses I have ever taken.

Look forward to take another from you.


D R. Rodd 

Just wanted to thank you again for the excellent experience I had and went away with from attending your class. This was the best and informative training class that I've attended in quite sometime and wanted to expressed my gratitude.


R Hernandez 

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the class...


The course exceeded my expectations in every way.  The curriculum was just the right mix of "need to know" material condensed into a week's class.

Finally, the most important component, the instructor was awesome!!

Tony's ability to present the concepts and tools in a concise, easy to understand manor was unmatched. He led the class based on feedback from the students in a direction that brought us to a clearer understanding of the overall goal - Using the tools to improve our networks. He is a great guy and we enjoyed his humor and wealth of knowledge on Network Analysis.

A week ago I was dabbling with the products here and there. Now I feel I can put them to use in a productive way to be a real help on the job!


J Dwyer, Clifton, New Jersey 

... enjoyed the course. If Tony were teaching basket weaving I think I'd sign up.


T Shortill, Ottawa, Ontario 

I have met many knowledgeable people and I have met many people who think they are smart, but I have never met anyone that can deliver the material. 

Whether you are a novice or an expert, you understand what is being said and leave with a better understanding. I had a good time and look forward to the next time.

S Ladouceur, Ottawa, Ontario

(referring to the comparison link) This was the first time I've ever seen this done, except in a PC mag some years ago. Ninety minutes later and I'm finally done reading the page line per line. What a really great job!!

Z Wicker, New York

Thanks for the very excellent course that you delivered yesterday in London. It was probably the best course that I have ever attended. Your teaching style is blunt with no B.S. Your focus on methodology and real life networks put the focus where it should be, on "The Big Picture".

M Mason, London, Ontario

That was the best seminar I've been to this year. Thanks for the invite.


N Morrison, Vancouver, British Columbia

I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful time we had on your seminar this week in Calgary. That was really useful and interesting information on the technical side and I just love your style of presentation. First time in my life I was at the tech seminar and had a real fun the same time.

V Popravko, Calgary, Alberta

Hey Tony -

Thank you again for the excellent training .

I can easily say you left quite an impression with the folks here and you made every moment count! You're approach, humor and most importantly knowledge made the team very comfortable and allowed us to be open with our limited knowledge of our protocol (as well as other) analysis skills.

We all feel much more confident and look forward to put the new skills and approach you've shown us to immediate use of which I'm sure we will see tremendous benefit!!

R Pimenta, Toronto, Ontario

Thanks for the website. 

You are the best!! I don't know how many people believe in FREE (quality) education.

S Wadhwa, Silicon Valley Cisco User Group

Missing this seminar would be like loosing a winning lotto ticket.

N Morrison,  Vancouver, BC

All I can say to future students, "Get a good night sleep the night before and practice taking notes furiously while listening".

D Salsman, Vancouver, BC

Hey, Tony!  

I for one, and I know there are countless others that feel this way. 

Thank you for all that you do.

I have only been in the networking world for 6 years and I am thankful for someone like you, so I say thanks for us all.  Keep it coming

J Strong, Austin Texas

Much appreciations for your web site.  I came across it using the Google search of 'Sniffer "relative time" tips'.  Your page was the first hit.  Each presentation you have available provided so much helpful methods of organizing data Sniffer provides.  Plus, the relative time presentation was exactly what I was looking for.  I did find your opening paragraph on your Sample Curriculum page truthful.

The statements:
- Answer with, 'that is covered in our other course.'
- 'Leave you wondering how to apply what was presented.'
Were what I thought and hated from other courses I took.  The company paid for them, but I felt I just wasted my time.

Great work.

J Wong, New York, NY

Very good .... Exactly that what I have been searching for since some days!

Go on straightforward!

Greetings from Laatzen (Hannover), the city of the CEBIT

Dr. M Stahl, Hannover

Not often we find that what sales and support folks say matches up to the reality of the goods or services provided. In fact, customers have learnt to contain their expectations and not rely on the exuberance of their vendors.   However, I must say that our experience has been a pleasant exception to the conventional rule.  After using the product and having Tony Fortunato's training and consultancy, our expectations were refreshingly exceeded and everyone was TRULY satisfied.
Thank you very much for your excellent service.

T McQuilkin, Ottawa Ontario

Tony provided outstanding technical content in a relaxed entertaining atmosphere, enhanced by a wealth of work experience, which all members of the team immediately related to.The team learned much and enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Thank you for a great course.

Rob H, Ottawa, Ontario

The course was extremely successful, as I anticipated it would be.  Tony's knowledge and ability to articulate and communicated with the attendees, is the reason for success of this course. ..the course was tailored correctly for the group.  ...I like his method of teaching. He keeps the course material very interesting and gets everyone to participate in his class room, which is one of Tony's trademark.

Nick N, Kanata, Ottawa

Your site is the most helpful site I access for focused and on-target technical information.


Art M, Boston, MA

It is amazing what one learns when given the right equipment and training.


Alfio C, Mississauga, Ontario

I've followed up with most of the attendee's, and everyone has pretty much the same feeling;..... the course was extremely informative. Tony was excellent and kept everyone's attention.

Some even said he was "cool", and "I wish all instructors were more like him."


Lynn F, Toronto, Ontario

Don't ever take me off your email list!!


Bob S Boston, MA

(Based on Tony's recomendation) "We filtered IPX SAP 640 from the backbone & major sites last night.  We've gone  from almost 18,000 SAPs to 154!  This is like a dream!  Had I known we had this much @#!@ on the network, I would have done this a long, long time ago."
Thanks Tony.


Peter L Toronto, Ontario

Colleagues that attended previous Sniffer training sessions warned me that I would have a hard time keeping awake because the technical stuff was too dry... Well, let me say that you know how to add water to a dry subject; and at the end of the course, we were drinking fine wine.
Thanks for the entertaining learning experience!!!


E Baragar, Ottawa, Ontario

I can’t believe it, I finally understand the OSI model!


Kerrie S, Toronto, Ontario

Thought provoking presentation. It’s the first time I’ve walked away with specific work to do back at the office.


Robert S, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I never looked at my watch.


Eugene R, Richmond Hill, Ontario

This guy actually fixes stuff, refreshing change.


Larry S, Interop 99 Atlanta, GA

Not only did Tony answer many of my questions, but he taught me how to answer my own.  


Steve G, Boston, MA

Tony understands what a technician experiences day to day and provided me with the skills to tackle the most complex problem.


SusanS, Las Vegas, NV

I’ve fixed 2 problems already this week; what a worthwhile class.  I can't say that about too many classes I've taken.


Warren E, Calgary, AL

I’ve never seen someone who tries to fix anything with anything.


Isabell W, Ottawa, ON

Quite possibly the Howie Mandel of networking.

Great Presenter!!


Terry T, Toronto, ON

Tony entertained, taught and enlightened.


Lui , Parma, OH

Finally, someone who understands the OSI model; and uses it productively.


CARRIE C, Toronto, ON