I've received many emails on how to get up and running quickly with MRTG, so here's my tips.

  1. Install ActiveState Perl (

  2. Download and Install MRTG (

  3. If you don't have one, create working directory for HTML files c:\mrtg\working

  4. Go to c:\mrtg\bin directory

  5. Run perl cfgmaker snmpreadstring@ipaddress –output=filename.cfg

  6. Open filename.cfg with notepad

  7. Add RunAsDaemon: Yes

  8. Remove # on Options

  9. Add WorkDir: C:\mrtg\working

  10. Type wperl mrtg filename.cfg to start MRTG



  1. Simply download IPERF

  2. Unzip into a folder on two pc's

  3. Go to one PC and type iperf -s at the command prompt.  This is a server

  4. Go to  the other PC and type iperf -c server_ipaddress

Other examples;

  • to run the iperf utility as a server service by typing
    iperf -s -D

  • to conduct an upload type
    iperf -c server_ipaddress

  • to conduct a separate upload and download type
    iperf -c server_ipaddress -r

  • to conduct a simultaneously upload and download type
    iperf -c server_ipaddress -p

Other Notes;

  • The following options don't work with Windows;
    window (-w) * This actually affects the application read/write block or buffer size
    print mss (-m)

try creating a batch file that you can schedule at whatever interval to get an idea of throughput in relation ship to time;

sample dos batch file will accept an ip address filename for output.  Just make sure IPERf is in your path, or put the batch file in the iperf directory.

rem record ipaddress filename
rem ***
echo off
Echo %date% %time% >> %2
Echo %date% %time%
Echo upload and download to %1
iperf -c %1 -r|find "sec" >> %2
echo ********* >> %2 


  • Please modify your default read and write SNMP community strings from public or private.

  • Use the Contact and Location fields for documentation purposes.


  • I use a Sharpie permanent marker and write the length of the cable on the side of RJ45 with a double line to indicate a straight-thru cable and an X to denote a  cross over cable.

MAC Address

  • Get a P-Touch, type in your MAC address and put it on your laptop, desktop or troubleshooting PC.  Now you'll have the correct info when you want to create a MAC address filter or just reference it.

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